Why some people like buy the blue glasses frames with blue tinted lenses?

Recently, sunglasses are available with different colors, such as: yellow tinted sunglasses, grey tinted sunglasses, brown tinted sunglasses, G-15 sunglasses, and so on. Each color of sunglasses has its own peculiarity. During all tinted sunglasses, blue tinted is popular continuously among many stylish wearers, both women and men. Here, we will introduce some tips to help you understand the blue glasses frames or blue tinted lenses.

Someone thinks that the blue tinted sunglasses can control the diet. According to the research of Japanese experts proved that- colors maybe affect our behavior, and the blue lenses could distort vision and even blank out red traffic lights, research has found. So, the blue shade prescription sunglasses make your delicious food look dull and boring, and then you will loose your appetite.

In fact, blue colored lenses are being researched as a therapeutic tool for the treatment of epilepsy. Studies have been conducted with both cross polarized lenses (the axes of polarization are perpendicular), parallel polarization (axes of polarization are the same), and without polarization. Epileptic seizures have been reduced in some patients with the varieties of blue lenses, while other patients have experienced no relief with this therapy.

Last but not least, blue sunglasses have attracted the attention of many new wearers. If you want to buy, light blue is good choice. A soft blue tinted lens increases visibility and enhances vision. This tint is appropriate overcast days, nighttime and all low light conditions. Also, strongly recommend you to visit http://www.cheapglasses123.com/ for more details of blue glasses frames.

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