How to choose satisfied eyeglasses frames?

Plastic, copper, alloy, titanium, hawksbill glasses frame materials, and a wide range of round, square, full frame, half frame, rimless frames, how to choose glasses frame?

Standard for good glasses frames:
First of all frames should be comfortable to wear them; then should be good-looking appearance.

Third, safety, there is no allergic reaction, in exceptional circumstances do not pose a safety risk.

Good frame should be light and color to be beautiful, strong and firm, not easily damaged.

According to the different materials, glassesframes will generally be divided into plastic frames, metal frames and animal material frame.

Cheap plastic frame
Synthetic resin frames (mainly plastic frame) have many colors, fashionable appearance, and cheap, lesser quality, but a long time, and easy to deformation, aging, burn easily, and sometimes easily broken.

The advantages and disadvantages of the metal frame
The bronze metal eyeglass frames are cheap, but easy to rust oxidation, flexibility is also poor; but some frames such as titanium alloy, nickel alloy relatively better corrosion resistance, it is not easy rusting, are in high-end products.

Corrosion-resistant titanium eyeglass frames
Corrosion resistance of pure titanium frames and plastic is better, but also a small number of other elements, making a better corrosion resistance and flexibility, is used to create high-end frame materials; also gold alloy frame, generally have 18K, 14K, 9K gold frame, more luxury, there are more high-end frame of the platinum market is not common, but some are gold-plated frames, are cheaper.

How to choose children glasses frames
For children, due to frequently changing glassses, it is best to choose plastic glasses frame, cheap and affordable prices, and the plastic frames have various beautiful colors, shapes and more suited to the psychological characteristics of primary and secondary school students.

How to choose adult glasses frames
Adults according to their own aesthetic preferences and select features, but the frame’s color, size, shape and face should be, color, nose, eyebrows, etc. to match, such as optional skin deep dark frame, face larger than that of white Optional light color frame, young men can choose cool metal frame, and the elderly can choose warm frame. Optional face-wide framework for a long, too long to correct facial defects; and optional semi-frame a round face.