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September 1, 2010

Why some people like buy the blue glasses frames with blue tinted lenses?

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Recently, sunglasses are available with different colors, such as: yellow tinted sunglasses, grey tinted sunglasses, brown tinted sunglasses, G-15 sunglasses, and so on. Each color of sunglasses has its own peculiarity. During all tinted sunglasses, blue tinted is popular continuously among many stylish wearers, both women and men. Here, we will introduce some tips to help you understand the blue glasses frames or blue tinted lenses. (more…)

July 10, 2009

How to choose satisfied eyeglasses frames?

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Plastic, copper, alloy, titanium, hawksbill glasses frame materials, and a wide range of round, square, full frame, half frame, rimless frames, how to choose glasses frame?

Standard for good glasses frames:
First of all frames should be comfortable to wear them; then should be good-looking appearance.

Third, safety, there is no allergic reaction, in exceptional circumstances do not pose a safety risk.

Good frame should be light and color to be beautiful, strong and firm, not easily damaged.

According to the different materials, glassesframes will generally be divided into plastic frames, metal frames and animal material frame. (more…)

Eyeglasses Frames 123