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April 22, 2011

Eyeglasses frames

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With the development of eyeglasses technology, eyeglasses are becoming more and more diversified. Unlike previous time in which eyeglasses have only one kind of design: full metal frame and round lenses, now eyeglasses have a wide range of designs and types. According to the frame types, eyeglasses can be classified into full-frame, semi-rim and rimless ones. Different frame types have different features and can satisfy different demands of different people. (more…)

January 21, 2011

A Wise Choice of Prescription Eyeglasses Frame

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A Wise Choice of Prescription Eyeglasses Frame, An Enjoyable Vision to You and to Me

In the past, prescription eyeglasses were used in order to correct people’s eye vision; nowadays, aside from the basic function of eye vision correction, eyeglasses serve far more other functions, such as an accessory to attend unique occasions like a masquerade, or a mask to cover our identity, or specially for sports, sunbathing, riding and so on. In a word, much more importance has been attached to eyeglasses frame in pace with people’s various demands. (more…)

January 28, 2010

How to Purchase Appropriate Eyeglasses Frames?

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At most of the places, you would find lenses and frames sold separately. This is because the retailers want to earn extra money while selling these two important things separately. Those who apply or wear eyeglasses select lenses and frames in two different ways. Those who are selling specs and specially sunglasses combined with frames and lenses are in very low number. People are even prescribed to buy frames and lenses separately. It is a matter to notice that the frame costs more than the lenses of the glasses. Eyeglasses lenses are relatively cheaper than frames. Eyeglasses users will try to buy frames at lower rates so they can lower down the cost of their overall glasses. Many manufacturers are selling frames at discounted prices. The best market to buy eyeglasses frames at lower prices is the internet. The online market allows the customers to select eyeglasses and lenses separately and once they are ordered, the placed order is delivered by assembling the whole glass together. (more…)

Eyeglasses Frames 123