Eyeglasses frames

With the development of eyeglasses technology, eyeglasses are becoming more and more diversified. Unlike previous time in which eyeglasses have only one kind of design: full metal frame and round lenses, now eyeglasses have a wide range of designs and types. According to the frame types, eyeglasses can be classified into full-frame, semi-rim and rimless ones. Different frame types have different features and can satisfy different demands of different people.

Just as the name implies, rimless eyeglasses are eyeglasses that have no frames around the lenses, which make the eyeglasses almost invisible. Rimless eyeglasses have the merits of lightweight and versatile. Besides, rimless eyeglasses have little influence to people’s natural look. However, rimless eyeglasses are not too durable since they only rely on the screws to hold the lenses, which could easily get loosen.

Semi-rim eyeglasses are eyeglasses that only the upper halves of the lenses are encircled by frames, using a wire or screw to combine the lenses with the temples. They are lighter than full-rim eyeglasses and firmer than rimless eyeglasses. We can say that semi-rim eyeglasses are neutralized ones, for they are not as natural as rimless ones nor as bold as full-frame ones. The charming of semi-rim eyeglasses is that they leave people the impression of decent and professional.

Full-frame eyeglasses are those whose lenses are full encircled by frames. Beforetime, all eyeglasses are full-framed, which looks dull and stupid. Maybe that is why people have prejudice toward prescription eyeglasses. Luckily, with the development of eyeglasses technology, full frame eyeglasses are becoming more and more fashionable and diversified. Now the frames are of different colors, materials and styles, which can change the wearer’s appearance and images to a large extent. Full-frame eyeglasses specially suit those who are not satisfied with their natural looks. The demerits of this kind of eyeglasses are heavyweight and not flexible, but that also depend on the material of the eyeglasses.

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